Purchase & Pay

The Purchase & Pay screen can be used to search for and purchase items as well as make donations. Users also have the option to pay for outstanding invoices via Purchase & Pay (if applicable).

Purchase & Pay

1. Click the Employee Self Service menu, then click Purchase & Pay.

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2. From the Search tab, conduct a search for the items you wish to purchase. The filters displayed depend on district settings.

Purchase & Pay

If you have outstanding invoices, click View Now to review and pay outstanding balances.

3. Enter a Keyword, such as school spirit.

4. Select the applicable Schools from which the items are being sold from the pull-down.

5. Enter your Zipcode to find items closest to you.

6. Review the items that matched your search criteria. When you find items that meet all of your needs, click Add to Cart to proceed with the purchase.

Purchase & Pay

7. Once items have been added to the cart, you can remove items as needed before paying. To remove all items from the cart, click Empty Cart. To remove specific items from the cart, click the Remove from Cart button for the class.

Purchase & Pay

8. Once items have been added to the cart, to pay click Checkout. The number of items added to the cart is displayed next to the Checkout button along with the cart total amount.

Purchase & Pay

9. In the Checkout, review your order, the items added, the Sub-total, and the Total to be collected.

Purchase & Pay

10. If you are making a donation, enter the amount you'd like to donate in the provided text box.


11. Click Cancel to cancel the purchase. To proceed with the purchase, click Continue.

Purchase & Pay

12. If you have outstanding invoices, you can select the check box for the Invoice to include the outstanding amount in the total to be paid. Click the More Details button for the invoice item numbers, descriptions, prices, quantities, and more.

Purchase & Pay

a. Click Close to close the invoice details pop-up.

If partial payments has been enabled by your district, you can enter the amount you'd like to pay towards the selected invoice. Note: If Convenience Fees apply, the fee will be recalculated based on the payment amount entered.


13. Depending on the items added to your cart, upon clicking Continue, you may be required to enter the Shipping Address.

Purchase & Pay

Once your complete address is entered, the Address Suggestion will apear and can be selected to use which will update the address inputs upon selection.

Once entered, click Continue.

14. To complete your Checkout, enter your Card Number, the Name on Card, the Expiration date (MM/YYYY), and the CVC. As you enter card information, it displays on the card image example above.

If applicable, enter your Electronic Check information as a payment option, which includes the Name of Bank, Name on Account, Account Type, Routing Number, and Account Number.

Purchase & Pay

15. Click Cancel to cancel the purchase. Click Complete Checkout to complete your purchase.

Once a purchase is made, you can still cancel the transaction for same day transactions from the Customer Ledger screen. When the transaction is cancelled, the schedule record is also removed.