The Files screen can be utilized by employees to upload files required for various Human Resources and Payroll uses. Note: File folders must first be set up by the district via Setup > Settings > Employee Files.


1. From the Employee Self Service menu, click Files.

If the district has set up file folder groups (Human Resources) and file folders (HR Request Form) for employees to upload files and review files uploaded by the district, you will see the folders displayed here. All districts can customize the folders; therefore, the title of the folders displayed in the image below may not reflect the names used by your district.

2. To view and/or upload files, click the red arrow.

Clicking the red arrow opens Files and Comments.

3. As indicated in the Files section, drag files directly into the box to attach documents or click the Select button to browse for files. There is also a Scan File button next to the Select button for direct scanning. Click the Scan File button; this will prompt you to download Dynamsoft. This is a one-time download that allows you to attach files directly from your scanner. In doing so, you will bypass saving the file to your computer first.

4. To add a comment, type the comment in the text box. Then, click the Post button.

For information regarding permissions, see the article titled, Profiles and Permissions for ESS.