Schedule Inventory

The Schedule Inventory module allows users to set up inventory windows for which inventory can be taken fro fixed assets. The inventory windows can be broken down by Category, Facility, and Department.

Scheduling Inventory

1. From the Fixed Assets menu, click Schedule Inventory.

2. If inventory windows have been set up, they will display on the screen. To schedule a new inventory window, select/enter information using the top blank row.

Schedule Inventory

3. To limit an inventory window by a specific fixed assets Category, select the category or categories from the corresponding pull-down.


4. To assign an inventory window to a specific Facility, select the facility from the corresponding pull-down.

5. To limit an inventory window by a specific Department, select the department from the corresponding pull-down.

If both a Facility and a Department are selected, assets will only be available for one of the inventory runs with the Department taking precedence over the Facility.

6. Select the Manager from the pull-down to designate an ERP user as a manager. When a user is assigned as manager for the selected Category at the select Facility, in the select Department, only that user will have access to take inventory. Note: Multiple managers can be selected from the pull-down, as needed.

7. To set the window, enter the Start Date and End Date in the provided text boxes. Both fields are required; however these dates can be edited later, as needed.

8. When all information has been entered/selected, while clicked into a text field, press the Enter key to save the data. Once saved, the line will turn blue and the delete button (red minus sign) displays.

Schedule Inventory

9. To edit your new window or any existing windows, click the applicable pull-down and change the selection as needed. You can also click any underlined text, and edit the text as needed.


10. To delete an inventory window, click the delete button (red minus sign).

Schedule Inventory
Additional Features

If there are multiple pages of data, click the Prev and Next buttons to sift through pages. You can also enter a number in the Page text box to jump to a page.

Schedule Inventory

Click the Excel icon in the Export section to export the table of data to an Excel spreadsheet, which can then be saved to your computer.

Click the Printer icon to print the table of data.

Click the Filters button to filter data and apply filter rules.

a. To add more than one filter to a column, click on the green plus sign.

b. To delete an added filter, click on the red minus sign.

c. Select the gray arrow for additional filtering rules.

Schedule Inventory

For more information on how to use the Filters feature, see the Filters document.

You can also sort data by clicking on any of the headers. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results.