Fix Budgets with Ended Elements

The Fix Budgets with Ended Elements screen allows users to check if any of the elements of the budget have end dates prior to the beginning of the fiscal year selected.

Fix Budgets with Ended Elements

1. From the Development menu, click Fix Budgets with Ended Elements.

Fix Budgets with Ended Elements

2. Select the applicable Fiscal Year from the pull-down.

3. Click Fix Budgets.

For any of these budgets, Focus checks  if there is a strip with the same elements but an active version of the inactive element. If there is one, Focus moves the journals to that strip. If there is no valid strip, Focus creates one. If that strip has not been budgeted for the current fiscal year, Focus creates the budget record for that strip.

An error message displays if there isn’t an active element available. You  need to create an element and re-run the strip.

At the end of the process, the budget record for the accounting strip with bad data is deleted.