Import Tools

The Import Tools screen allows districts to import data into Focus, including the following:

General Ledger: Expense Elements, G/L Accounts, Facilities, Budgets, Journals, and more.

Accounts Payable: Vendors, Purchase Requests, Invoices, Check Lines, Invoice ACH Info, and more.

Payroll: Human Resources, Jobs & Positions, History, Benefits, Professional Development, and more.

Payroll Runs: Payroll Runs (staging), Run Controls (staging), Earnings History, History Run Wages, Payroll Run Deductions (staging), and more.

Common Tables: Contact Info, Primary Addresses, Payment Addresses, and Mailing Addresses.

3rd Party Integration: AESOP, FrontLine Position Control, FBMC, Transportation Leave, and more.

Bulk Operations: Data Migration, Bulk Payroll, and more.

Import Tools

Import Tools should not be used without the help and set up of a Focus employee. Contact your district Account Executive or Project Manager for guidance on importing data.