The Budgets module allows you to choose to roll forward a remaining balance in any budget. The amount remaining in the last or current fiscal year will factor into the planned budget amount for the next fiscal year.

Rolling the Remaining Budgets

1. From the Setup menu, click Budgets under the Rollover sub-heading.

2. The Budgets rollover screen contains separate tabs for Expense, Revenue, and Internal Budgets. Depending on the type of accounts you wish to roll, click the appropriate tab.

3. Select the check box in the Roll column to choose which budgets will be rolled over.

To select all budgets, click the Check/Uncheck All link.

4. Click the Rollover Budgets button to finalize this process for the selected budgets.

4a. From the Revenue tab or the Internal Budgets tab, click Rollover Accrued Balances Only to rollover Accrued Balances only.


The setting When Accrued Balances Only are Rolled must be set via Setup > Settings > Miscellaneous tab before accrued balances can be rolled.

5. A pop-up will appear upon trying to finalize the rollover. Click OK to continue.

At the bottom of the page, the Current Page Totals is listed. The totals here will change as you sift through pages. In the image shown, the Current Page Totals is just for page 1.

The Grand Totals shows the actual grand total for the different columns, such as Collected, Committed, etc. and is not affected by a change of the page.

If you use any of the filters to change the data, the Current Page Totals and Grand Totals will change. See Additional Features for more information on how to use filters.

Additional Features

Navigating from page to page can be done clicking the Prev and Next buttons. To skip to a page, type the page number in the text box and press Enter.

Click the Excel icon in the Export section to export Initial Account Balances to an Excel spreadsheet.

Click the Printer icon in the Export section to print Initial Account Balances.

Click Filters to further breakdown data.

a. To add more than one filter to a column, click the green plus sign.

b. To delete an additional filter, click the red minus sign.

c. For additional filtering options, click the gray arrow for a filter pull-down.

You can also sort simply by clicking on any of the header names with double black arrows. Click once for ascending results, click twice for descending.