Internal Accounts Activity Report

The Internal Accounts Activity Report (also known as the Principal’s Report) module serves as a way to review and approve data corresponding to Activity Accounts, such as Athletics, Music, Clubs, etc. The report can be generated and printed by section or by each specific account details. You can also elect to print the entire report directly after inputting the report Criteria. Each report defined in this module gives you a summary and breakdown of all internal account projects and sponsors.

Generating the Internal Accounts Activity Report

1. From the Budgeting/General Ledger menu, click Internal Accounts Activity Report.

The Internal Accounts Activity Report screen displays several required fields to generate the report.

2. Enter a Date Range for data on a specific timeframe.

Warning: A Date Range must be entered to run the report. If you click Run Report without entering a start and end date, you will receive an error message.

3. Select a Facility from the pull-down. Notice that the Facility defaults to the first one listed by numerical order.

4. Once all fields are populated, you can select to automatically print the report or run the report first. To print, click the Print Report button. To run the report, click Run Report.

Tips: You have the ability to save your report before or after running the report.

  1. Click the floppy disk Save icon to name and save your report.
  2. Click the Trash Can icon to delete saved reports.
  3. To edit a Report Name after saving, select the report, then click the Blue Arrow next to the Trash Can.
  4. In order to generate a saved report, from the Internal Accounts Activity Report screen, select the saved report from the pull-down; your report will generate automatically. Note: Saving your report will not save any filters applied after the report has been generated.
Printing the Internal Accounts Activity Report

If you click Print Report, a pop-up displays with a Focus print preview of the report. This screen will give you a couple of different options including rotating the document, downloading the document as a PDF, and printing the document. These options can be found in the upper right of the screen in the form of three icons (as shown below). Note: If you do not see the icons, move your mouse over the right hand corner and the icons will appear. There are also three icons in the right corner of the bottom of the print preview pop-up: Fit to page, Zoom in, and Zoom out. Again, if you do not see these icons, hover over the right bottom corner of the screen, and they will appear.

The print preview of the report has a header and footer. The header (as shown above) lists the corresponding Facility and entered Date Range when the report was generated. The footer includes a signature line, Approval Signature, for districts that elect to have this report reviewed.

The report itself starts with a Summary of Accounts. Each page thereafter breaks down data for each account summary. For example, the first is all accounts ranging in the 1000s (Athletics). On this page, you will see a break down of each account. The next page is the 2000s (Music), etc.

On each page you will see the Account, Beginning Balance, Current Receipts, YTD Receipts, Current Disbursements, YTD Disbursements, YTD Transfers In, YTD Transfers Out, and the Ending Balance.

Running the Internal Accounts Activity Report

In this report you will see a breakdown of accounts starting with a Summary of Accounts, which calculates groups of accounts based on account code. For example, all accounts categorized in Athletics (any account number that falls within the 1000s) will be grouped together on the first lineas shown in the image below.

Per each grouping/category, you will see a Beginning Balance, Current Receipts, YTD Receipts, Current Disbursements, YTD Transfers In, YTD Transfers Out, and an Ending Balance.

The following sections break down each account category into the individual accounts. For example, you may see a section on Athletics--all accounts that fall within the 10000s range. In the Athletics section, you will see all accounts tied to Athletics starting with the Account and Title.

Every listed section has a Totals and/or a Grand Totals row at the bottom of the report, as shown in the image below.

Warning: If you use any of the filters to change the data, the Current Page Totals and Grand Totals will change. See Additional Features for more information on how to use filters.

Click the account links to open a more detailed description for the account selected.

Clicking the link displays an Overview Summary, Detailed Summary, Expense transactions, Revenue transactions, and Transfers.

Click Print to print the detailed reports. This print preview will look similar to the original report, in that it includes a header with the account summary and a footer with an Approval Signature line.

Internal Accounts Activity Report
Additional Features

To navigate through the listed pages, click the Prev and Next buttons. To jump to a specific numbered page, type the number in the Page text box and press Enter.

Click the Excel icon in the Export section to export the report to an Excel spreadsheet.

To print a specific section of the report, click the Print icon in the Export section as shown in the image above. Depending on browser settings, this will generate a print preview where you will have the ability to change the layout, print two-sided, etc.

Click Filters to further breakdown each section of the report.

a. To add more than one filter to a column, click the green plus sign.

b. To delete an additional filter, click the red minus sign.

c. For additional filtering options, click the gray arrow for a filter pull-down.

See Filters for more information.