View Pay History

The View Pay History module allows users to review a complete history of pay and gives users the ability to review and print pay stubs.

View Pay History

1. From the Employee Self Service menu, click View Pay History.

2. Click the Pay History tab.

From this screen, you can review the Date, Check Number, Hours worked, Gross Pay, any Deductions made, and your Net Pay.

3. To view each pay stub attached to pay history entries, click the Print Paystub button. This allows you to preview your pay stub in a print preview, which also gives you the ability to print if needed.

a. From the print preview screen, you have several other options including, Rotate clockwise (circular arrow), Download as a PDF (down arrow), Print (printer icon), Fit to page (small inner arrows), Zoom in (plus sign), and Zoom out (minus sign).

b. To close the pop-up window, click the white X.

4. Click View Paystub to view the paystub in a pop-up window. Click the white X to close the window.

5. Click the Check History tab to review processed checks, which includes the check Run, the Check Date, Check Number, Type, Bank Name, the Account number, Net Pay, and a Voided indicator.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen to review the Net Pay Total.

For information on features, such as Filters, etc., see the article titled, Additional Features.

For information regarding permissions, see the article titled, Profiles and Permissions for ESS.