Cash Drawer Setup

The Cash Drawer Setup module allows you to establish the titles and beginning balances for each drawer that will be utilized via Point of Sale (POS).

Cash Drawer Setup

1. From the Accounts Receivable menu, select Cash Drawer Setup.

2. Click the Cash Drawers tab to create cash drawers.

3. Enter the Title of the drawer in the text box.

4. Select the Facility from the provided pull-down.

5. Select a Merchant Account from the pull-down. Note: Currently, Focus only processes online payments through and uPay.

For the set up of merchant accounts, a Facility should not be assigned, the applicable Merchant Account should be selected, and the Portal Enabled? check box should be selected. Once setup, the payment type can be used in Purchase & Pay by students and parents.

Merchant accounts are set up via Setup > Settings > Accounts Receivable > Merchant Accounts.

6. If the cash drawer is being opened/created with an Initial Balance, enter the amount on the text box. If the drawer is being created with no money, enter 0.00.

7. Select the Portal Enabled? check box to make the cash drawer accessable via student and parent portals. I.e. Allow parents/student to pay for items via their portal using the assigned cash drawer.

Only one Portal Enabled Cash Drawer can be set up per Facility.

There an automatic cashout process in place for the Portal-enabled Cash Drawers used by the Store for collecting online payments (via a Scheduled Job > Store Automated Cashout) The Cash Drawer automatically generates a cashout after the user-defined transaction batch settlement time. Note: Portal-enabled drawers will not appear in the Point of Sale or manual Cashouts module, but the Cashouts created through the automated process will be visible in the Cashout Report.

8. When all information has been entered/selected, press the Enter key to save the line of data. You will know the data has saved when the line turns blue and a delete button displays (red minus sign).

9. Now that the drawer has been created, you can assign the drawer to a cashier. Click the Assign Drawers tab.

10. Select a User from the pull-down to assign them a cash drawer.

11. Select the Drawers from the pull-down that you would like to assign to the selected User. Multiple drawers can be assigned to the same user, if applicable.

12. When all information has been selected, press the Enter key to save the line of data. You will know the data has saved when the line turns yellow and a delete button displays (red minus sign).

Additional Features

Click Filters to breakdown data.

a. To add more than one filter to a column by clicking the green plus sign.

b. To delete an additional filter, click the red minus sign.

c. For additional filtering options, click the gray arrow for a filter pull-down.

See Filters for more information.

Click the Excel icon in the Export section to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

To print the data on the screen, click the Printer icon in the Export section. Depending on browser settings, this will generate a print preview where you will have the ability to change the layout, print two-sided, etc.

You can also sort data by clicking on any of the headers. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results.