Student Info: Instructional Method

Focus allows schools to determine which students at a school can use the Student Portal Check In feature. For example, schools may only want only remote students to use the Student Portal Check In, and not students attending school in person. For this, Focus created and published a Logging field titled Instructional Method.

Additional set up for the Student Portal Check In can be carried out via Setup > System Preferences > Attendance.

Instructional Method

The Instructional Method logging field can be added to Student Info via Students > Student Fields.

1. In the Students menu, click Student Info.


2. On the Search Screen, enter search criteria to locate the student and click Search.

Student Info

3. In the search results, click the student's name.

Student Info

4. Click the tab that houses the Instructional Method data, such as the General Demographics tab.

Student Info

5. Scroll to the Instructional Method section to begin entering data.

Student Info

You must have permissions to the Instructional Method fields via Setup > Student Fields and/or Users > Profiles > Permission Type: Student Fields.


6. Select the Attendance Method from the pull-down.

Student Info

7. Enter a Start Date and End Date that the attendance method can be used by students in the text boxes.

Student Info

8. Select the Days of the Week the attendance code can be used by students from the pull-down.

Student Info

The Student Portal Check In feature will appear for students that have an Instructional Method log field entry with the following:

  1. Instructional Method is not “In Person”
  2. The start/end dates include Today
  3. The days of the week include Today 

9. Press the Enter key to save the data. Once committed, the line turns yellow.

Student Info

10. Click Save.

11. Once saved, you can edit data as needed. To remove an attendance method, you can change the End Date to render the method inactive or click the delete button (red minus sign).


12. Click the modal icon to view individual records from a data table in a pop-up modal to alleviate having to scroll horizontally on large tables.

Student Info

a. To close the modal, click Close, press esc key, or click the dimmed background.

Student Info

If the modal is opened on a non-insert row, blue arrow buttons are displayed, allowing cycling through the other records without having to close the modal.

If the modal is opened on an insert row, a Create button is displayed next to the Close button on the modal, allowing a record to be created.

Student Info