Mass Drop Course

The Mass Drop Course screen is used to drop one or multiple courses from a group of students' schedules.

If a new course is being added to the group of students, be sure to add the new course before dropping the course, otherwise you will not be able to easily search for those students.

Mass Dropping a Course from a Group of Students

1. In the Scheduling menu, click Mass Drop Course.

2. On the Search Screen, enter search criteria to locate the group of students. Click More Search Options to search using a variety of criteria.

3. Click a category in the pull-down, and then click the field to search by.

In this example, the Scheduling category was clicked, followed by the Scheduled into Course(s) field.

Mass Add Course

To quickly find a field to search by, enter the field name in the Search text box at the top of the More Search Options pull-down. Click the desired field in the search results.

Mass Add Course

4. Once the search field is added, set the search criteria.

In this example, the search will look for students scheduled into English 1 Honors last year.

Mass Add Course

5. Continue adding additional search criteria as needed.

If you have a spreadsheet that includes student IDs, the student IDs can be copied from the spreadsheet and pasted into the Student Search field.

For more information about searching for students, including searching using student groups, saving a student search, and more, see Searching for Students.

6. When finished entering the search criteria, click Search.

Mass Add Course

7. At the top of the screen, click the Choose a Course link.

8. In the pop-up window, click the subject, course, and section to drop from the students' schedules.

The selected section is displayed next to Course to Drop.

9. Click the Choose a Course link to select more sections if needed.

10. If the wrong section was selected, click the red X next to the section.

11. Select the Drop Date of the course.

12. Scroll down to the student list. Select the check box next to each student to mass drop the course from their schedules, or select the check box in the column header to select all the students in the list.

13. Click Drop Course for Selected Students at the top of the screen.

A green check mark and confirmation message is displayed, indicating the course has been dropped from the selected students' schedules.