Add a Discipline Incident

The Add a Discipline Incident screen is used to enter a discipline incident into the system instead of doing so from the discipline referral for SESIR codes. This is useful if the discipline incident is documented at a different time than the referral. The discipline incident can be linked to one or multiple discipline referrals as needed.

Adding a Discipline Incident

1. In the Discipline menu, click Add a Discipline Incident.

The district determines which fields on the discipline incident form are required. The required fields are marked with an asterisk on the form, and are listed as errors in the Errors list on the right side of the screen if not completed. As required fields are completed, they are removed from the Errors list. Fields that do not pass the validation rules set on them are also included in the Errors list. Hovering over the field in the Errors list or the field on the form displays a tool-tip with information about why the field is in error. Clicking the field in the Errors list will bring you directly to that field on the form.

2. Fill out the required fields.

Fields with a question mark icon have a description. Hover the mouse over the icon to view the description. Fields with a link icon have a link to a website. Click the icon to open the website in a new tab or window. Field descriptions and links are set up in Discipline > Incident Fields.

Add a Discipline Incident

3. Once the form requirements are completed, click Save at the top of the screen.