Print Avery Labels

The Print Avery Labels screen allows users to print Avery mailing labels (size #5160), shipping labels (size #5163), and file folder labels (size #5366).

Setting the Search Criteria and Data for Printing Avery Labels

1. From the Users menu, click Print Avery Labels.

Print Avery Labels

This navigates to the Print Avery Labels screen, where a Find a User module displays.

Print Avery Labels

2. If searching for specific users by name or employee identification number, type the information directly into the User text box.

Print Avery Labels

To generate labels for all users, leave the User text box empty or click the User List tab.

Print Avery Labels

3. For a more advanced search and the ability to define a specific subset of users, click the More Search Options link. In the example shown, the Teacher Profile has been selected; therefore, labels will be generated only for teachers only.

Print Avery Labels

4. You may have the option to Search All Schools by selecting the corresponding check box. If this option is not selected (or available), users will only pull from the school selected via the school pull-down, located in the header of the screen.

Print Avery Labels

When you search all schools, and select a user, the user's primary school is selected from the Schools pull-down located in the header automatically.

5. Select the Include Inactive Users check box to include inactive users that meet the selected search criteria along with the active users.

Print Avery Labels

6. Select the Only Show Most Recent Enrollment check box for the most recent enrollment determined by start date, then end date, and finally by user_enrollment id. When this option is selected:

  • A new user with no profiles assigned (enrolled) at all displays as “Invalid Profile” or not at all because there is no enrollment to show.
  • If a user has multiple profiles at one school, it will return the most recent enrollment at that school (there will be one record row for that user).
  • If a user has profiles at multiple schools, it will return the most recent enrollment at each school (there will be one record row for that user at each school).
Print Avery Labels

7. When the Find a User search criteria and/or More Search Options have been defined, click Search to go on to the next page. If needed, you can click Reset to clear everything on the page and start over.

Printing Avery Labels

Clicking Search will generate a list of users for whom you can generate and print labels.

Print Avery Labels

1. Click Customize Fields to create your own custom label via the Custom Label pop-up screen. When finished, the new label will display in the text box as shown in the image.

a. Clicking the Customize Fields link will open a word processing box equipped with a full formatting palette; note that hovering your mouse over any tool in the formatting palette will display a short description of what that tool will do.

b. See the following section, Custom Label Editor, for more information. When the custom label has been created, click Continue to return the main Print Avery Labels screen to select users. You also have the option to cancel by clicking the Cancel button or the blue X in the upper right corner of the editor.

Custom Label Editor

1. Save your work via the Save Template icon.

2. Click the Open Letter icon to open a created letter via Print Letters & Send Email.

3. You can also Bold selected text, use the Italics tool, Underline text, and Strikethrough text.

4. Use the X tools for Subscript and Superscript text as shown in the image.

5. Use the following tools to Insert/Remove Numbered List, Insert/Remove Bulleted List, Decrease Indent, and Increase Indent.

6. To change the size of the font, use the Font Size pull-down.

7. Use the following tools to Align Left, Center, Align Right, and create a Block Quote.

8. Select the Text Color button for a variety of text color options or the Background Color button to change the background color of the text.

9. Use this tool to Insert a Field from Focus. Depending on what is needed, select the correct header, such as General, Employee Summary, etc., then select the field. Multiple logging fields can be added to a custom label. Selected fields will appear in the text editor, and will fill as user-specific information when the labels are printed.

10. Click on the Source button for CSS/HTML embedding.

11. At the bottom of the word processing box, you will see a description of each entered section. Clicking on any of them will highlight the corresponding section. For example, if you click on body, all of the text entered will be selected. Or, clicking on h1, will select the heading entered.

2. Select the Starting row and the Starting column from the pull-downs to indicate where on the sheet of labels Focus should begin printing labels. This feature makes it easier when reusing a single sheet of labels. For a brand new sheet of labels, the Starting row and column would be 1.

3. Before selecting the users and generating the labels, you must also select a Label Type from the provided pull-down. The options available include Avery 5160 (mailing labels), Avery 5163 (shipping labels), and Avery 5366 (file folder labels).

Print Avery Labels

Based on your search on the previous screen, you will have a list of users displayed via the User List.

Notice that you can also return to the Search Screen by clicking on the tab. In doing so, you will lose all data and sections entered originally.

4. Select the users for whom you need labels by selecting the check box next to each user. As users are selected, the number of selections made will display next to the number of users pulled originally.

Print Avery Labels

If you want to print labels for all users displayed, select the check box in the header.

Print Avery Labels

5. When all selections have been made, click the Create Labels for Selected Users button.

Print Avery Labels

Upon creating labels, a print preview will display so you can review the information and the layout of the labels before printing. In the image shown, the Starting row was set to 3; therefore, the first two rows are blank.

Print Avery Labels

a. From this screen you have several options. Click the download arrow to download and save the file to your computer. Click the printer icon to print the labels.

b. Click Return to Focus to return to the previous Print Avery Labels screen.

Print Avery Labels
Additional Features

Use the Filter text box located at the top of each pull-down for a quick search. Begin typing the name or number of the desired field.

Click the Check all visible and Clear selected links for quick selections.

Click the floppy disk icon to export the listed data to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can also sort data by clicking on any of the headers. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results.

To make the list full screen, click on the expansion icon (four arrows) next to the Search text box. Once in full screen mode, click the icon again to exit full screen.