Import Staff Files

Districts who have the Document Management add-on module can mass upload files into user file upload fields using the Import Staff Files screen. The file names must contain the staff member's Focus ID.

Mass Uploading Staff Files

1. In the Setup menu, click Import Staff Files.

Import Student Files

In the ID Name field, Focus ID is selected by default.

2. Select the Custom Field that the files will be uploaded into.

Only file upload fields and logging fields that contain a file upload field will be available for selection.

3. When a logging field is selected in the Custom Field pull-down, the Logging Field pull-down becomes enabled. Select the particular field the files will be uploaded to.

4. Click Choose Files and select the file(s) from your computer, or drag and drop the file(s) from your computer into the browser.

Import Student Files

As the file(s) upload, Focus will indicate the percentage of completion.

The file(s) will be uploaded to the selected user field.

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