If your school uses team scheduling, the Teams screen is used to set up the teams for the school. Teams can also be randomly assigned to students from this screen. Teams are assigned to sections in Courses & Sections.

Adding a Team

1. In the Scheduling menu, click Teams.

2. In the blank row next to the plus sign, enter a Title, Short Name, and Sort Order for the team. The sort order determines the order the teams display in pull-downs when assigning a team to a section or to a student.

3. Click Save.

Repeat this procedure to add more teams as needed.

Editing a Team

1. Click a field to enable editing.

2. After making your changes, click Save.

Deleting a Team

If you attempt to delete a team that is assigned to a section, a message will display indicating that there are sections associated with the team. You must first remove the team from the sections before deleting the team.

1. Click the minus sign to the left of the team title.

2. In the confirmation message, click Delete.

The team is removed. Any students who were assigned to this team will no longer have a team assignment.

Randomly Assigning Teams to Students By Grade Level

1. At the top of the screen, click Randomly Assign Teams.

2. Select the Grade Level to assign teams to.

3. Select the Teams to randomly assign to this grade level.

4. The option Only Assign Teams for students without a team assigned is automatically selected. This will only assign a team to students who do not already have a team assigned. To assign a team to all students even if they already have a team assigned, deselect the check box.

5. To only assign teams to students who have a specific course request, enter the course number in provided field.

6. To add additional course numbers, click the plus sign.

Another course field is displayed to enter another course number.

7. When finished, click Save.

A student's team assignment is displayed in the Team field when viewing a student's Enrollment record. The team can be assigned or changed for the student as needed. Teams can be mass assigned using Mass Assign Student Info, or you can create an advanced report that includes the Team field and update the team on the report.

Creating Co-Teachers by Team

The "Create Co-teachers by Team" option creates co-teacher records with read-only permissions for each teacher assigned to the same team. This allows teachers on the same team to view one another's gradebooks. Sections must be assigned to teams prior to using this option.

At the top of the screen, click Create Co-teachers by Team.

Once the option is clicked, the page will refresh. No confirmation will display, but the co-teachers can be viewed on the Co-Teacher Sections tab of the Master Schedule Report.