Gradebook (Teacher Programs)

The teacher Gradebook offers various ways to enter grades, configure the gradebook, add and edit assignment categories, add and edit assignments (customized details, rubrics, resources, standards, and additional settings), as well as generate gradebook reports.

See Gradebook: Gradebook Templates (Teacher Programs) for information on how Gradebook Templates affect gradebooks.  

Teacher Search

1. In the Users menu, click Gradebook.


This will lead you to a Find a Teacher user search module where you can begin setting criteria for a search. The Search Screen module includes a search bar, the More Search Options feature, and options to Search All Schools, Include Parents, and Include Inactive Users.


2. Enter the user's name, user's ID, or EIN in the User text box.

Click the User List tab for a complete list of users without conducting a search. You can also simply click the Search button and leave the User text box empty to pull all active users.

3. Click More Search Options to search for groups of users with similar information in any number of user fields and/or user data.

4. Click Search.


5. When you find the correct user, click on the user's name to open the user's gradebook.


6. Clicking the user's name navigates to the user's Gradebook screen. The user's name is displayed in the top left corner. Click the small red X next to the user's name to close the user and search for another one.


To open the selected user's User Info record, click on the user's photo displayed in the header (next to the red x).

7. Select the applicable section from the corresponding pull-down in order to view the teacher's gradebook for the selected section.

Teacher Gradebook

For detailed information on how to use the gradebook, see the teacher Gradebook. The process is exactly the same for administrative users as it is teachers once all of the steps described in Teacher Search have been followed.

See Gradebook Categories & Assignments for information on adding categories, editing categories, importing assignments, creating new assignments, editing assignments, entering assignment details, resources, rubrics, standards, and more.