Positive Behaviors

The Positive Behaviors feature allows teachers and administrators to use positive reinforcement strategies to reward good student behavior. In the Positive Behaviors screen, administrators set up the badges or badge types. Focus by default uses the terms "badge" and "badges" for the items that are awarded to students for good behavior, but the district can customize the terms used.

Teachers can also set up badges in the Identify Badge Behaviors screen, but the badge must be associated with a badge type created by an administrator.

At least one school or district-wide badge/badge type must be set up in the Positive Behaviors screen in order to enable the Identify Badge Awards and Reward Positive Behaviors screens for teachers, as well as enable awarding badges in the mobile app or from the seating chart.

Customizing the Terms Used

By default, Focus uses the terms "badge" and "badges" in the Positive Behaviors system to refer to the items that are awarded to students for good behavior. These terms can be customized by the district. The custom terms will be reflected throughout Focus instead of "badge" and "badges."

1. In the Discipline menu, click Positive Behaviors.


2. At the top of the screen in the Name field, enter the term the district will use instead of "Badge."

Once you click or tab out of the Name field, the Plural field will auto-populate with the plural of the name you entered. Edit the Plural field if needed.

3. Click Save.

Adding a New Badge/Badge Type

Administrators can set up badges that are awarded to students, or can set up badge types that act as categories. If teachers are allowed to set up badges, the teacher-created badges are associated with the administrator-created badge types.

Administrators cannot see the badges set up by teachers on this screen; administrators can go to Users > Reward Positive Behaviors (teacher program) to view the badges set up by the teacher and award badges on the teacher's behalf.

1. In the blank row at the top of the table, enter the Badge Title/Type.


2. To select an icon for the badge, click Select.


Badges can be saved without selecting an icon, if desired. The star icon will be used for badges saved without an icon.

3. To use a recommended icon, click the icon on the left side of the screen.


4. To upload an icon from your computer, click Choose a file and select the file, or drag the file from your computer into the blank area.

Any icons administrators at your school have previously uploaded will be available on the right side of the screen.


5. To take a photo with your webcam, click Take Photo and follow the prompts to take a photo.


The selected icon is displayed in the Icon column.


6. If the badge will be used at all district schools, select District-Wide. If it will only be used at the school you are currently logged in to, do not select the check box.


7. To restrict when the badge can be awarded to students, enter a Start Year and/or End Year.

Enter the syear for the start year or end year, e.g. 2021.

8. Press Enter to add the row.

9. Click Save.

Editing a Badge/Badge Type

When a badge/badge type title or icon is edited, any badges that have already been awarded will be updated with the new title or icon.

The Start Year and End Year can be used to restrict when a badge can be awarded to students. It is recommended to set the End Year on a badge rather than delete a badge if it has been awarded to students. Badges awarded to students prior to setting a Start Year or End Year are still counted in the student's earned badges.

1. To edit the title of an existing badge/badge type, click the Badge Title/Type field and make the change.

2. To edit the icon for an existing badge/badge type, click Select and choose a new system icon, upload a file, or take a photo with your webcam.

3. Select or deselect the District-Wide check box as needed.

If the District-Wide check box is deselected and teachers from other schools have already created and awarded badges associated with this badge type, the awarded badges and badge history will be unaffected and the teacher's associated badge can still be awarded, but the badge type will be blank on the teacher's Identify Badge Behaviors screen. The teacher can select a different badge type for the badge.

4. Enter a Start Year and/or End Year to restrict when a badge can be awarded to students.

5. Click Save.

Deleting a Badge/Badge Type

It is recommended to set the End Year on a badge rather than delete it if it has been awarded to students. See Editing a Badge/Badge Type.

When a badge/badge type is deleted, it can no longer be awarded to students. Teacher-created badges linked to a deleted badge type are also deleted. Deleted badges that have been earned by students still display in the student's earned totals and History detail in Positive Behavior Awards.

1. Click the red minus sign next to the badge/badge title to delete.


2. In the confirmation message, click OK.


The row is grayed out to indicate it will be deleted.

3. Click Save to complete deletion.