The Transcripts screen allows users to generate and print transcripts for a select subset of student defined in the Student Search module. Depending on profile permissions, users also have the ability to customize transcripts in deciding what information to display, such as letter grades, course numbers, teachers, and more.

Student Search

1. From the Grades menu, click Transcripts.


This navigates to the Transcripts screen, where a Student Search module will display in addition to More Search Options.


2. If searching for specific students by name or student number, type the information in the Student text box.

To generate transcripts for all students, leave the Student Search text box empty.

3. For a more advanced search and the ability to define a specific subset of students, click More Search Options. In the example shown, Grade 09 has been selected; therefore, transcripts will be generated only for students in 9th grade.

Depending on the school and/or the type of transcripts, such as K-12 or CTE, different options will display in the Include on Transcripts section. Note: What displays here is controlled by System Preferences (Setup > System Preferences > School Preferences/Default School Preferences > Grading tab) for K-12, CTE, etc.

Options displayed (active and inactive) may vary from user to user depending on profile permissions (Users > Profiles > Grades tab). Some profiles may have View and Edit rights, while others may only have View rights; therefore options may be predetermined via the district's ability to Save Settings as Default. For more information on default settings see step 14.

4. In the Include on Transcripts section, you can select everything that needs to be included on the transcript before generating. There are six different sections, which includes the Transcript Options section as shown in the image. Options here include Letter Grade, School, Test History, which includes Post Secondary Test History and Interdistrict Test History, GPA, Weighted GPA, etc.

a. Select the Grades in Progress check box, which works in conjunction to the Courses in Progress check box. When selected, the printed transcript includes a section titled Courses In Progress which includes the Grade in Progress column.

5. Make the appropriate selections from the Additional Options section, which includes specific course flags, WDIS Instructional Hours (CTE courses), industry certification information (CTE courses), etc.

Selecting the Course Flags check box combines the 4 course flag columns into 1 column that concatenates all the flags.

6. Select the Industry Certifications check box in the Transcript Options section and CTE Grouping to include a column on CTE transcripts for industry certifications, which displays any passed certifications for the program on the transcript.  Note: If the certification is tied to a course on either the student’s schedule or the industry certification table, the certification displays on the row with the appropriate course. If the passed certification is on the table and not tied to a course, then it will display on a row with a course in that school year.


7. Select the check box for the marking periods you want to see included on the student(s) transcript from the Marking Period section. More than one marking period can be selected for display; for example, if printing K-8 transcripts, there may be Course History records and non-course history Full Year grades. Notice that this is a required section, and a selection must be made.

a. Select the Sort by Course Number check box to sort lists of courses by course number in the Course Number column starting with the lowest course number first.

Selecting Course History will include all courses on the Transcript where the Course History flag on the section is set to Y. Choosing any of the other options will populate the Transcript with courses designated for those specific marking periods.

8. The Grouping (Required) section gives you the ability to choose how the transcript grades are sorted, via Year and Course, Grad Subject, Marking Period, or on 1-page. Notice that this is a required section, and a selection must be made.

Year and Course Grouping: Select Year and Course in order to see the output display organized by the school year and the courses taken during that year.

Grad Subject Grouping: Select Grad Subject in order to see the output organized based upon the graduation subjects defined in Graduation Requirements.

1-page: If selected, the selections to follow will differ. You will, instead, have the option to Combine Semesters, select the number of Course Rows Per Page (Select how many course rows will be printed in each column before a page brake is created), or to group By Marking Period.

Selecting 1-page will affect the Transcript Options section as well making several options obsolete.

9. You must also choose how the grades and selected information are displayed using the Display (Required) section. Options include One Column, Multiple Columns, or Two-Sided Printing.

The next section contains various options and is explained per item below.

10. When all selections have been made for the Transcript Options, Additional Options, Marking Period, Grouping, and Display sections, you must then choose whether to include Only Secondary Courses on the transcript(s). Selecting Only Secondary Courses will pull data for students in 9th grade and above.

11. You also have the option to Abbreviate Column Names. When this option is selected, additional abbreviation options will display. Select whether or not to Abbreviate Marking Periods, Abbreviate Other Columns, or to Show Abbreviation Legend.

12.  Select the Use Simple PDF Format (For Digital Processing Only) check box to generate transcripts in an encoding format that will be readable by third-party services, such as Xello.

13. Select the font size that should be used when printing transcripts from the Course Table Font Size pull-down.

The Final Grades, GPA, & Class Rank screen uses the same font when transcripts are printed if you click Save Settings as Default to save the font size used.

14. Then, select the desired Letterhead Template. This is very important to choose correctly before printing, as it will impact the display of the transcript. If this is an official printed transcript that is being sent to another academic institution, typically it will be sent on an official letterhead that has been established. This letterhead contains required state demographic fields, and should always be used when printing Transcripts. Note: Letterhead Templates are set up by the district (Setup > Letterhead Templates).

15. Click Save Setting as Default to save the settings and have them available each time transcripts are printed. Note: The Letterhead Template selected in step 13 determines where default settings saved are being stored. For example, Secondary Transcript has been selected; therefore, the default settings saved will apply to that transcript only.

Save Settings as Default is an important tool when it comes to users who have View only permissions because what is set here by the district will determine what displays on transcripts generated by other users.

If your district has enabled transcript printing by students and parents, a Letterhead Template must first be setup for them via Setup > Letterhead Templates. Then, you must select default settings and save them here in order to determine what data displays on parent and/or student transcripts printed via Student/Parent Portal > My Information/My Child > Final Grades & GPA.

16. If student groups have been set up, you can select to print transcripts for a specific group of students using the Student Group pull-down.

Student groups must first be set up via Students > Student Groups.

17. Select the check box to Search All Schools if you want the search criteria entered in steps 2-4 to pull from all schools.

18. Select the check box to Include Inactive Students. Selecting to Include Inactive Students will display two other options as well: Include Previous Years Inactive Students and Use Most Recent Enrollment.

19. When the Student Search and/or More Search Options has been defined and you have selected everything you’d like to include on transcripts, click Continue… to go on to the next page. If needed, you can Reset to clear everything on the page and start over.

Generating Transcripts

Clicking Continue… on the last screen will navigate to a new Transcripts screen where you can choose to generate transcripts for selected students.

1. Select the students for whom you need transcripts by selecting the check box next to each student. As students are selected, the number of selections made will display next to the number of students pulled originally.

If you want to generate transcripts for all students displayed, select the check box in the header.

Click the down arrow next to the student Photo to open the category menu, which includes quick links to the following screens/information, most of which can be accessed by Student Info: Demographics, Schedule, Course History, Absences, Add Referral, Test History, FA Worksheet, Enrollment, Requests, Standard Grades, Activities, Referrals, and Grad Reqs.


2. Once the students have been selected, click on the Generate Transcripts button.

3. Clicking Generate Transcripts generates all of the selected students’ transcripts in a print preview screen. From this screen you have several options. Click the printer icon to print the transcripts. Click the down arrow icon to download the transcripts to your computer. When finished, click Return To Focus.


Printed Transcripts display the local_id in the header when the transcript is more than one page and the student_id field if the student doesn’t have a local_id.

Additional Features

Use the Filter text box located at the top of each pull-down for a quick search. Begin typing the name or number of the desired field.

Use the Check all visible and Clear selected links for quick selections. In the example shown, transcripts will be generated for students with all Enrollment Codes.

Click the floppy disk icon to export the listed data to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can also sort data by clicking on any of the headers. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results. In the image shown, results have been sorted by clicking on Student (name) twice; therefore, the listed students start with Z.

To make the list full screen, click on the expansion icon (four arrows) next to the Search text box. Once in full screen mode, click the icon again to exit full screen.

If looking for specific information housed within the resulting students, type the information in the Search text box provided and press Enter.