Scan Bubble Sheets

This article describes the Scan Bubble Sheets screen as part of the built-in Focus Assessment System. If your district has purchased the add-on Learnosity assessment module and you are looking for help on scanning bubble sheets, see Bubble Sheets or Uploading Bubble Sheets.

The Scan Bubble Sheets screen is used to scan bubble sheets for tests completed by students offline. The bubble sheets will be auto-graded by Focus.

Bubble sheets are generated and printed for a test in Assessment > FAS Tests > Print Bubble Sheets tab.

Uploading PDFs for Later Processing

You can upload bubble sheets to be processed at a later time. The bubble sheets will not be scored and grades displayed in Focus until the process is completed.

1. In the Assessment menu, click Scan Bubble Sheets.

Scan Bubble Sheets

2. In the Upload PDFs for later processing section of the screen, click and drag the PDF file of completed bubble sheets into the box, click Select and select the file from your computer, or click the scan icon and follow the prompts to scan the bubble sheets.

For best results, scan the bubble sheets in grayscale to a PDF file.

Scan Bubble Sheets

Once the PDF is uploaded, it will be available in the Use Preloaded File pull-down at the top of the screen.

Scan Bubble Sheets
Processing Bubble Sheets

1. If a file has been previously scanned or uploaded in the "Upload PDFs for later processing" section of the screen, select the file in the Use Preloaded File pull-down.

Alternatively, click Choose Files and select the PDF file from your computer.

Scan Bubble Sheets

2. Click Scan.

Scan Bubble Sheets

3. When the process is complete, click Return to Focus.