Bubble Sheets

The Bubble Sheets screen is used to mass upload bubble sheets without having to select the assessment. Bubble sheets from one or multiple assessments and from one or multiple schools can be scanned in at one time. The system will read the QR code on each bubble sheet to attach the grade to the correct student and assessment. The system supports .pdf, .png and .jpeg/jpg file types.

Uploading Bubble Sheets

1. In the Assessments menu, click Bubble Sheets.

Bubble Sheets

2. To upload the bubble sheets, either drag the file from your computer into the files box, click Choose a file and select the file from your computer, or click Scan and follow the prompt to scan the bubble sheets.

The selected file will display in the files box.


As the file is being processed, the Tasks section of the screen will display a task bar. You can exit this screen and return at any time to check the progress.

If any bubble sheets do not scan, the bubble sheet will be skipped and the error will be displayed in the Errors section of the screen with the date and time, file name, and the page number of the bubble sheet.

After the assessment is graded, the student scores will populate. Students who have been scored display in the pull-down in the Scores section of the screen.

3. To retrieve the scores for one or multiple students, select the student(s) in the pull-down and click Submit.

For each selected student, the student's name, photo, and the percentage received on the assessment is displayed.

4. Click the Preview (eye) icon beneath a student to preview the student's bubble sheet.

5. Click the Debug (bug) icon beneath a student to preview the student's bubble sheet in debug mode, which highlights what the system determines to be the student's responses.

6. Click the Download (down arrow) icon to download both the student's original bubble sheet and the debug mode bubble sheet.