Web Pages (Teacher Programs)

Web Pages allows administration to view and edit teacher web pages that can be viewed by parents and students on the Portal, the Community App, and the Calendar. Web pages are built using News (posts), Resources, Units & Lessons, and Settings. Posts can be sent to parents only, students only, or by default to all (parents and students). For resources, administrators can create files, links, and folders. In settings, the web page is enabled by default when created, but can be disabled. In addition, administrative users can create units and linked lessons based on a web page on behalf of the selected teacher.

Teacher Search

1. In the Users menu, click Web Pages under the Teacher Programs submenu.

Web Pages

This will lead you to a Find a Teacher user search module where you can begin setting criteria for a search. The Search Screen module includes a search bar, the More Search Options feature, and options to Search All Schools, Include Parents, and Include Inactive Users.

2. Enter the user's name, user's ID, or EIN in the User text box.

Web Pages

Click the User List tab for a complete list of users without conducting a search. You can also click Search and leave the User text box empty to pull all active users.

The search bar is not case sensitive, and full or partial entries can be in either a "first last" or "last, first" format. The comma is necessary in the last, first format. A full user name or ID number can also be entered into the search bar. Searching for "ro" will pull every user whose first or last name begins with "ro" into the search results.

Web Pages

3. Click More Search Options to search for groups of users with similar information in any number of user fields and/or user data.

Web Pages

4. Click Search.

To clear search parameters and start over, click Reset.

5. All resulting users will display in the User List. When you find the correct user, click on the user's name to open the user's record.

Web Pages

6. Clicking the user's name navigates to the user's Web Pages screen. The user's name is displayed in the top left corner. Click the small rednext to the user's name to close the user and search for another one.

Web Pages

To open the selected user's User Info record, click on the user's photo displayed in the header (next to the red x).

7. While viewing web pages for a selected teacher, click the left arrow and right arrow to navigate to the next users listed in your search. Note: If only one arrow is displayed, you are at the beginning or the end of the listed users.

Web Pages
Teacher Web Pages

For detailed information on Web Pages, see the Web Pages document for teachers. The process is exactly the same for administrative users as it is teachers once all of the steps described in Teacher Search have been followed.