Student Form Records

The Student Form Records screen is used to view student form records from a specific date range.

Form records are set up by designating a student field category as a form in Students > Student Fields. This allows multiple, unique instances of information to be added within that category of the student's record. For example, you may have an IHP (Individualized Health Plans) category in the student's record. Within this category, users can create and store multiple IHP records for the student. Form records can also be added to a student via the Forms menu, if the form is set up in the Application Editor.

Viewing Student Form Records

1. In the Students menu, click Student Form Records.

2. Select the timeframe from which to pull form records.

3. To view only specific form records, select the type from the pull-down.

4. If you have permissions, select All Schools to view form records from all schools in the district.

5. Click Go to generate the report.

The record title, student, student ID, school, and record date is displayed.

6. Click the record title link to view the form, or click the student link to open the student's record.