Incomplete Tests

The Incomplete Tests report displays any students who have started the online test but have not yet completed it.

1. In the Assessment menu, click Incomplete Tests.

Standard Test Report

2. In the search screen, enter search criteria to locate a particular test. Enter the full or partial test name or test ID number.

Use More Test Search Options to search by additional criteria. Select to Include Inactive Tests, Include Other Users Tests, Include Teachers Tests (appears once Include Other Users Tests is selected), or Include Deleted Tests, as applicable. Click Search.

Alternatively, click the Test List tab to view a list of your active tests.

Standard Test Report

3. Click the test title link for the test you want to view.

Standard Test Report

4. In the student Search Screen, enter search criteria to locate a particular student or group of students and click Search. Alternatively, click the Assignment List tab to view all student assignments.

Standard Test Report

5. To submit the test on behalf of the student, select the student and click Complete Tests.

FAS Tests