Post Default Standard Grades

The Post Default Standard Grades screen is used to post standard grades en masse before teachers post standard grades. This sets a default grade in order to save teachers time. For example, it can be used to post "Not Evaluated" grades for standards that have not yet been taught by teachers. Posting default standard grades is not limited to grade posting windows; it can be run at any time. It will not override an existing grade for a standard. The grade can be changed by administrators or teachers after using this feature.

Posting Default Standard Grades

1. In the Assessment menu, click Post Default Standard Grades.

2. In the Enter Default Grades for pull-down, select the marking period for which to post default standard grades.

3. Select the standards Grading Scale. Grades will only be posted for sections that have this standards grading scale assigned.

4. Select the Default Grade to post.

Most schools use this feature to assign an "S" for satisfactory (or the equivalent) for all students.

5. Click OK.

A green check mark and confirmation message displays to indicate the process was completed successfully.