Student Info: Re-enrollment Restrictions

The Re-enrollment Restrictions category in Student Info is used to prevent a student from being re-enrolled in the district. The student cannot be enrolled from Add a Student or the Enrollment screen when there is an active re-enrollment restriction record in the Re-enrollment Restrictions tab for the student.

In Users > Profiles in the Student Fields permissions, permissions must be given to Create and  Delete Re-Enrollment Restrictions form records and to View and Edit the fields.

Adding a Re-enrollment Restriction to a Student

1. In the Students menu, click Student Info.

2. On the Search Screen, enter search criteria to locate the student and click Search.

3. In the search results, click the student's name.

4. Click the Re-enrollment Restrictions category.

6. Select the Active check box to create an active restriction.

7. (Optional) Enter a Start Date and End Date.

Entering a Start Date and End Date is not required, but may be useful if the restriction will only be in effect for a specific date range.

8. Enter any Comments, if desired.

9. To exclude schools from the restriction, select the schools in the Exclude Schools pull-down.

The student will be allowed to enroll in the schools selected in the pull-down.

10. Press Enter to add the row.

The row turns yellow to indicate a record was added. A new, blank row is available to add another re-enrollment restriction, if needed.

11. Click Save.

When attempting to enroll a student with an active re-enrollment restriction record from Add a Student, a warning message is displayed.

When attempting to add an enrollment record on the Enrollment screen for a student with an active re-enrollment restriction record, the record will not save, and the Enrollment Restriction will display in the Errors column.