Room Schedules Report

The Room Schedules report displays the sections that are scheduled into each room at the school for each period of the school day. When more than one section is scheduled into a room in a period, the sections are display in red. The room and period can be changed for a section directly on this report if needed.

Viewing the Room Schedules Report

1. In the Scheduling menu, click Room Schedules Report.

Each room in the school is listed down the left side of the screen, including the FISH number, room number, and the maximum number of seats in the room as set up in Setup > Rooms. The sections scheduled into the room for each period of the school day are displayed across the report. The number of students enrolled in the section is displayed in parentheses next to each section.

2. Click a section to view the section information in the Courses & Sections pop-up window. The section's period and room can be updated, along with any other section information in the pop-up window.

3. A section's period and room can also be updated by clicking the cross icon next to the section and dragging the section to another room and period. The changes are auto-saved.