Students with Referrals

The Students with Referrals report displays students with a particular number of referrals in the selected timeframe.

Viewing the Students with Referrals Report

1. In the Discipline menu, click Students with Referrals.

2. In the Search Screen, enter search criteria to display a particular student or group of students and click Search.

See Searching for Students for detailed instructions on the various ways to search for students.

If no search criteria is defined, then all students with at least one referral will be included on the report.

3. In the Display Students with at least pull-down, select the number of referrals to consider.

4. Adjust the Report Timeframe using the date pull-downs or calendar icons.

5. Click Go to refresh the report.

Students with Referrals

The report displays the student name, student ID, grade, number of referrals, and date of the most recent referral.

6. To include minor infractions on the report, select Include Minor Infractions.

The report automatically refreshes and displays the Minor Infractions column.

Students with Referrals

7. Click the student's name to open the Referrals screen for that student.

Students with Referrals