Take Attendance (Teacher Programs)

The Take Attendance screen allows administrators to review and record attendance codes for teachers. Administrators can review and take attendance via the list display or seating chart display.

Teacher Search

1. In the Users menu, click Take Attendance under the Teacher Programs submenu.

Take Attendance

This will lead you to a Find a Teacher user search module where you can begin setting criteria for a search. The Search Screen module includes a search bar, the More Search Options feature, and options to Search All Schools, Include Parents, Include Inactive Users, and Only Show Most Recent Enrollment.

Take Attendance

Click the User List tab for a complete list of users without conducting a search. You can also simply click Search and leave the User text box empty to pull all active users.

Take Attendance

2. Enter the user's name, user's ID, or EIN in the User text box.

The search bar is not case sensitive, and full or partial entries can be in either a first last or last, first format. The comma is necessary in the last, first format. A full user name or ID number can also be entered into the search bar. Searching for "ro" will pull every user whose first or last name begins with "ro" into the search results.

Take Attendance

3. Click More Search Options to search for groups of users with similar information in any number of user fields and/or user data.

a. Clicking More Search Options displays a list of modules that can be opened and closed with the gray triangle. Set as many selections as needed to yield more specific search results. Note that the Profile defaults to Teacher and cannot be changed.

In the example shown, the user search will be defined by the Teacher Profile and the Female Gender. When all parameters have been set, click the Search button.

To clear search parameters and start over, click the Reset button.

4. All resulting users display in the User List. When you find the correct user, click on the user's name to open the user's Take Attendance screen. As shown in the image, the users are defined by Gender: Female, and the only Profile displayed is the Teacher Profile.

Take Attendance

5. Clicking the user's name navigates to the user's Take Attendance screen. The user's name is displayed in the top left corner. Click the red X next to the teacher's name to close the user and search for another one. Click the teacher's picture to open User Info.

Take Attendance

6. To navigate to the next or previous user in the original resulting list of users, click the left and right blue arrows. Note: If one of the buttons is inactive, it's because you are either at the beginning or the end of the list of users.

Take Attendance

See Navigating & Searching for details on conducting a user search.

Reviewing and Taking Attendance

1. Select the course for which you want to take/review attendance from the pull-down.

Take Attendance

2. Use the day, month, and year pull-downs to select the applicable date of attendance. You can also click the calendar icon to select a date.

Take Attendance

3. When a course and a date have been selected, click Go.

For detailed information on how to take attendance, see Take Attendance for teachers. The process is exactly the same for administrative users as it is teachers once all of the steps described in Teacher Search have been followed.