Pull Grades for Report Cards

The Pull Grades for Report Cards screen is used by the district or school to post final grades using grades in teacher gradebooks. Grades can be pulled instead of having teachers post final grades, or grades can be pulled in addition to teachers posting final grades. Pulling grades will overwrite existing grade records if the option to update existing grade records is selected. If teachers post final grades after grades are pulled, the existing grade records will also be overwritten. Grades can be pulled multiple times based on updates in teacher gradebooks.

It is advised to review the Teacher Completion report, Grade Breakdown report, and Teacher Gradebook Usage report before pulling grades.

Grades cannot be pulled if the grade posting window has closed more than 15 days ago. Grades can be pulled before the grade posting window is open for the marking period.

You may navigate away from the screen while pulling grades. The pull will continue in the background and display a status upon returning to the screen. If a user has begun to pull grades, all other users will see the status and the user's name to ensure another pull is not started.

Pulling Grades

1. In the Grades menu, click Pull Grades for Report Cards.

2. Select the School(s) for which to pull grades. If you have access to more than one school, each school will display in the pull-down and one or multiple schools can be selected.

3. Select the Grade Level(s) for which to pull grades. One or multiple can be selected.

4. Select the Marking Period(s) for which to pull grades.

5. Select an option for How should gradebook blanks be handled?

This determines how assignments that are missing a grade in the Gradebook are treated. The options are Exclude the assignment from the grade calculation (*), Assign 0 points to the assignment (0), or Don't give the student a grade. If "Don't give the student a grade" is selected, the student will not have a posted final grade using this process. The teacher will have to update the Gradebook and then post final grades, or the pull grades process can be rerun after the Gradebook is updated.

6. Choose whether to update existing grades and/or create new grades.

Selecting Update existing & create new grades will update and overwrite any existing grades that have already been pulled or posted by the teacher and will also create new grades if there is no final grade already posted for the student.

Selecting Only update existing grades will only update and overwrite any existing grades that have already been pulled or posted by the teacher. It will not post new grades.

Selecting Only create new grades - don't update existing grades will only post grades for students who do not already have a final grade posted. Existing grades that have already been pulled or posted by the teacher will not be updated and overwritten. This option is most often used when pulling grades is used in conjunction with teachers posting final grades in order to create grade records, such as when a teacher has missed the posting deadline or is unavailable during the grade posting period.

7. Select whether to Pull Grades & Comments or Only pull comments.

8. Select an Effective Date for student schedule records.

9. Choose whether or not to Recalculate GPAs when pulling grades.

Each school's system preferences are used to determine weight when calculating GPA.

If GPA should not be calculated using weights (for example, the GPA for quarter 1 should be unweighted regardless of the preference set for the school), then do not recalculate GPA on this screen.

10. Choose whether to or not to Recalculate Class Rank when pulling grades. This option is only available for selection when Recalculate GPAs is selected.

Pull Grades for Report Cards

11. To only pull grades for specific courses, or to exclude certain courses, enter the course numbers in the Course Numbers to Include and Course Numbers to Exclude text boxes, entering one course number per line.

You may use % as a wildcard to match any number of characters. For example, entering "1234%" will match the course number "1234ABC" and "12345."

12. To only pull grades for specific students, enter the student IDs in the Students to Include text box.

13. Click Run Pull.

14. In the confirmation message, click Continue.