Match Students - Admin Panel

District administrators can use the Match Students - Admin Panel to track schools as they match imported records with their own students records. Districts can also match any remaining students, then choose to store the file in the test history folder or delete it from the server.

Match Students

1. From the Setup menu, click Match Students - Admin Panel.

2. On the Match Students - Admin Panel screen, click the More Details button under the Actions column in order to display all schools with mismatched data in the listed file (displayed in the File Name column).

Displayed in the file breakdown (via the More Details button) is the School column and the Percent Complete column, which updates as the schools manually pair their students to the remaining test scores.

3. To map unmatched students from the Admin Panel, click the Map Remaining Students button.

4. Click Select Student to open a student search in a pop-up window.

a. Conduct a student search. Once the student is found, select the student to add their name to their correct ID. For information on conducting a student search, see the article, Searching for Students.

b. Click Submit once students are matched. A  matched filed will then automatically be stored on the server.

5. When every student is matched with their student ID, click the Generate File button to download one compiled file of matched students, which can be reimported into Focus.

6. Click the Return button to go back to the previous list of files on the Match Students - Admin Panel screen.

7. Click the Remove File button to permanently delete the matched test file from Focus.