Create Packages

Sections are packaged for the purpose of linking the sections together for scheduling. This is most often used in elementary scheduling when sections for language arts, math, science, art, music, etc. are packaged together with the homeroom section as the parent section. When scheduling students, students scheduled into the parent section will automatically be scheduled into the linked child sections.

Sections can also be packaged together in the Teacher Schedules Report or on the Courses & Sections screen.

Packaging Sections in Create Packages

1. In the Scheduling menu, click Create Packages.

2. Select the Parent/Homeroom Section.

Type the course name, number, teacher name, period, or section number in the Filter field at the top of the pull-down to filter the sections in the pull-down.

If any child sections are already linked to the parent/homeroom section, the sections are selected in the Child Sections pull-down and are also displayed in a list beneath the Child Sections pull-down.  

3. To link sections to the parent/homeroom section, select the Children Sections. One or multiple child sections can be selected.

The selected sections are displayed in a list beneath the Children Sections pull-down for easier viewing.

4. Click Save when finished.

Removing a Section from a Package in Create Packages

1. Select the Parent/Homeroom Section.

2. In the Child Sections pull-down, deselect each section to remove from the package, or click Clear selected to deselect all child sections.

3. Click Save.