The Translations screen is used to add translations for a variety of phrases used in Focus, such as course titles, standard titles, report card comments, and student fields, so that report cards can be printed in the student's primary language. Translated student fields are also used in the online application when the applicant selects to complete the application in a different language.

To print multi-lingual report cards, the system preference "Enable multi-lingual report cards" must be enabled in Setup > System Preferences > Grading tab. In Setup > Letterhead Templates, the letterhead that will be used for the report card must have a translation set up for the applicable languages. On the Report Cards screen, select the "Multilingual Report Cards" option. Report cards will generate in the language set in the student's record, if translations have been set up on the Translations screen. The language field in the student's record that is referenced can be set on the Translations screen. See Changing the Default Language Field below.

For districts that have purchased the Communication Translation add-on, letterhead templates will automatically translate into the student's language, as specified in the default language field. This automation applies unless the template has already been manually translated, in which case the original translation will be preserved, ensuring that customized content remains intact.

Adding Translations

1. In the Setup menu, click Translations.

2. In the Phrases Source pull-down, select the phrase type.

3. Select the Languages for which translations will be entered. One or multiple can be selected.

A language column will display for each selected language.

4. To view translations for phrases that have already been done, select Show Translated Phrases.

5. For each phrase, enter the translation in the language column.

6. Click Save.

Changing the Default Language Field

The language field that is used to determine the student's/parent's primary language for translating the report card can be changed from the Translations screen.

1. In the Setup menu, click Translations.

2. Click Change Default Language Field.

3. In the pull-down, select the field used to determine the student's/parent's primary language.

4. Click Save.