Student Final Grades

The Student Final Grades screen is used to review the final grades posted for students for a specific marking period. Many of the options are similar to the Report Cards screen, however, the grades are displayed in a table format that is easy to review instead of being formatted as a report card.

Viewing Student Final Grades

1. In the Grades menu, click Student Final Grades.

2. In the Search Screen, enter search criteria to locate the student or group of students using the search fields at the left and bottom of the screen.

3. Select the options for the information to include on the report.

4. Select how you want marking period names to display in the Display marking period names using pull-down.

5. Select the Marking Periods to include on the report.

6. Select the Marking period from which to pull data, which determines the marking period from which comments will pull.

7. Select a sorting option in the Sort Report Cards pull-down.

When a period teacher option is selected, the Display this Teacher on Each Report Card check box is available for selection. Select the check box to display this teacher on each report card.

8. Select an option for Grade Row Grouping. Course Number is selected by default and cannot be deselected, but you can also choose to group by Teacher and Course Period.

9. Select the abbreviation options as desired.

10. Select an Effective Date to display final grades entered as of the selected date.

11. Click Continue.

The report of student final grades is displayed.

Student Final Grades