Add a User

New users are added to Focus either by importing the users or by adding the users manually. Importing users is best when you are first getting started with Focus and your district has a large number of users to add. Staff members new to the district or users who are not in the district's database will need to be manually added to the system.

The fields displayed in Add a User depend on Users > User Fields > Visible on Add a User Search.

Adding a New User

New users are manually added to the system using the Add a User screen. Focus will search for any users who match the entered search criteria to prevent duplicate users.

1. In the Users menu, click Add a User.

Add a User

2. Enter search criteria to see if the user is already in the system.

The First Name and Last Name are required.

If your district uses the UUID, the unique identifier utilized in Focus' Third Party Systems, and the field is enabled via Users > Profiles > User Fields, you can search for users by the applicable UUID.

When the system preference "Show username/password fields on Add a User" is enabled in Setup > System Preferences > Default School Preferences/School Preferences > Enrollment tab, the Username and Password fields are included on this screen.

3. Click Search.

Any users who match the search criteria are listed. If there are no users who match the search criteria entered, "No Records Found" will display.

The query searches User records for SSN; First Name, Last Name; Last Name, Birthdate; and Local ID (custom_53).

4. To view the user's record, click View.

Add a User

The user's record is opened in another tab or window for review. When finished, close the tab or window.

5. If the user does not already existing in Focus, click Create User.

Add a User

6. Select the SIS Profiles to assign to the user. One or multiple can be selected.

Selecting an SIS profile is required in order to continue.

7. If applicable, select the ERP Profiles to assign to the user. One or multiple can be selected.

8. Select the Schools the user will have access to. One or multiple can be selected.

9. Select the Start Date. This is the date the user will be able to log in with the selected profile(s).

The End Date is used to deactivate the user from logging in with selected profile(s). In most cases, this will be left blank at this time.

10. Enter any Comments, if desired.

The selected profiles, schools, start date, end date, and comments are populated in the Permissions tab in User Info. These can be edited or additional profiles added at a later time.

11. Click Continue.

12. Continue filling out the user fields.  

The fields that display on this screen are customized by the district.

Any errors are displayed in a list at the right side of the screen. This includes required fields that are not completed, and fields that contain data errors. The error messages will disappear as the required fields are filled out or data is corrected.

Add a User

13. Hover the mouse over the error to view a description in a tool-tip.

14. Click on an error in the list to be taken directly to that field on the screen.

15. Once all required information has been entered, click Save.

Add a User

The Save button is not enabled until all required fields are filled out and any errors have been corrected.

16. In the pop-up window, click Go To User to open the user's record in User Info, or click Create Another User to return to the Add a User screen.