Special Placement Application

The Special Placement Application screen allows administrators to view information submitted by the parent or student on the Special Placement Application, as well as submit applications on the student's behalf.

The title of the application can be changed in Setup > School Choice Setup > Customize Application - SPA tab > Preferences section. This will change the name of the menu option for this screen.

Viewing and Submitting a Student's Special Placement Application

1. In the Setup menu, click Special Placement Application.

2. On the Student Search screen, enter search criteria to locate the student and click Search.

3. In the search results, click the applicable student.

The application for the selected student is displayed. Some of the student fields at the top of the screen will be auto-populated based on the student's information in Focus. If the student had previously filled out a special placement application, their choice selections, uploaded documents, etc. will be populated.

4. Beneath the student information at the top of the application, fill out any custom fields that were set up by the district in Setup > School Choice Setup > Customize Application - SPA tab > Custom Fields section.

5. In the list of programs the student qualifies for, rank the student's top 1, 2, or 3 programs using the Choice pull-down.

When an administrator fills out the application on a student's behalf, the programs visible are not limited based on the student's grade level or zone group.

The Priority column will auto-populate a value based on Priority Chart Rankings.

6. To enter a priority override, enter a value in the Priority Override field next to the program.

Only administrators can enter a priority override on the application.

7. In the next section, list any tours and auditions completed by the student by selecting the School, Type, and Date.

Including tours and auditions on the application is optional, and is set by the district using the preference "Display tours and auditions completed by student?" in Setup > School Choice Setup > Customize Application - SPA tab > Preferences section.

8. Click Save to add the tour or audition.

9. In the next section, list siblings who are at the school the student is applying to by entering the Sibling Full Name and Sibling Birth Date.

10. Click Save to add the sibling.

11. Uploading any supporting documents by either dragging the files from your computer into the file area, by clicking Select to select a file from your computer, or by clicking the scan icon to scan a file.

12. When finished with the application, click Save to submit the application or click Save & Print to submit the application and generate a printable version of the application.

A message displays indicating the application was saved and submitted.