Test History Breakdown

The Test History Breakdown report provides a graphical view of student performance on a test over three years.

Generating the Test History Breakdown

1. In the Assessment menu, click Test History Breakdown.

2. To limit the report to a specific group of students, enter the search criteria on the left side of the screen.

For example, if you have a spreadsheet containing student IDs of particular students, you can copy the column or row of student IDs and paste them into the Student search box. You can also use More Search Options to search for a group of students based upon student fields. There are additional search fields at the bottom of the screen. If you leave all the search options blank, the report will return with all students at the school with scores for the selected test, subject, and part.

3. Select the Test, Subject, and Part.

4. Click Search.

The graph displays the percentage of students at each achievement level for the past three years. This information is also presented in a table beneath the graph.

5. Hover the mouse over a bar on the graph to view the level and value in a tool-tip.

6. Click a bar on the graph to open the Test History Report for those students represented by the bar.

7. To export the report to Excel, click the Export icon, and follow your computer's prompts to open or save the file.

8. To generate a PDF of the report for printing, click Print at the bottom of the screen.

Click the down arrow to access the Print Options, where you can select a template or select to print in small font.

9. Click Download to open an image of the graph in a new tab or window for printing.