View Test Assignments

The View Test Assignments screen allows you to view student test assignments. You can view assignments for active tests, inactive tests, deleted tests, or other users’ tests. You can also delete test assignments from students.

Viewing Test Assignments

1. In the Assessment menu, click View Test Assignments.

2. In the Search Screen, enter search criteria to locate a particular test and/or students and click Search.

The report includes the student’s name, student ID, test name, test ID, test section names, start times, end times, completion status, student assignment ID, student start time (when the student started the test), and student end time (when the student completed the test.)

3. To delete test assignments for students who have not completed the test, select the check box next to the applicable students, or select the check box in the column header to select all students in the list.

4. Click Delete Assignments at the top of the screen.