Match Students - School Panel

Schools can utilize Match Students - School Panel to manually match their own remaining test data to students by updating the missing/incorrect IDs in the import file. This feature allows school administrators to match students enrolled in their school without having access to students enrolled in other schools.

Match Students - School Panel

1. In the Setup menu, click Match Students - School Panel.

The Match Students - School Panel screen lists unmatched students from the original test file.

If the Match Students - School Panel screen is blank, district administrators need to select the Yes radio button under Send Unmatched Students to Schools before uploading the unmatched file to Match Student ID via Import Tools, which allows school administrators to match their own students (Setup > Import Tools > Match Student ID > Other Options link).

2. From the Match Students - School Panel screen, click MAP to list all of the unmatched students from the school.

3. Click Select Student to open a student search in a pop-up window.

a. Conduct a student search. Once the student is found, select the student to add their name to their correct ID. For information on conducting a student search, see the article, Searching for Students.

b. The student ID will then display on the School Panel screen. When every student has been matched with an ID, click Submit to send these matched students to the district. District administrators will be see each schools submitted matches in the Match Students - Admin Panel.