Detention List

Students assigned a discipline referral for a detention through the tardy tracking functionality will display on the Detention List. The scheduled job "Create Detentions from Tardies" will also create detentions based on tardy thresholds for tardies entered manually by teachers or office staff. Students who receive a non-tardy detention will display on the Detention List, as well. Students who have served their detention can be marked as Completed, which will update the action logging field on the referral. The Action Record Notes will update with the date(s) the detention(s) were served. The Days Completed will increment by 1 for each day of detention that was completed. The Date Begins and Date Ends will also be updated based on the date(s) the detention was served.

The Detention check box must be selected on the action in Referral Codes & Actions for the student to be added to the Detention List once that action is assigned to the student.

The Detention List is year-specific. Ensure the school year you want to view is selected at the top of the screen.

Marking a Detention as Completed

1. In the Discipline menu, click Detention List.

Students who have a pending detention are displayed, along with the referral reason (discipline code), the action that was assigned, the assigned date, the due date, the length of action, and the days completed. The due date is highlighted in red if it has passed.

Click the student's name or student ID to open the referral in another tab.

2. To mark a detention as completed, select Completed for the applicable student.

3. Click Save.

Detention List

For students with a 1 day detention (Length of Action equals 1), the Days Completed field will update to 1. The Completed field will populate with today's date. Once the screen is refreshed, the student is removed from the list.

Banners and Alerts

For students with a multi-day detention (Length of Action is greater than 1), the Completed Field will populate with today's date. Days Completed field will increment by 1.  When the screen is refreshed, the student will remain on the Detention List until the Days Completed equals the Length of Action.

Detention List

To mark the entire list of students as completed, click Check/Uncheck All at the top of the screen to select all the Completed check boxes, and click Save.

Viewing Completed Detentions

1. In the Discipline menu, click Detention List.

2. Select Show Completed at the top of the screen.

The list is updated to include completed detentions. The Completed column displays the date the detention was marked as completed. Any detentions that have not been completed have the check box in the Completed column.