Referral Log

The Referral Log summarizes the discipline history of a student and is used primarily for official meetings such as Manifestations or court hearings.

Viewing the Referral Log

1. In the Discipline menu, click Referral Log.

2. On the left side and at the bottom of the screen, enter search criteria to locate the student or group of students.

3. On the right side of the screen, select Include All Referrals from All Years and All Schools if needed.

4. If the minor infractions functionality is enabled for your school (Setup > System Preferences > General tab > "Enable Minor Infractions"), select Include Minor Infractions if you would like to include minor infractions on the report.

5. Under Include in Referral Log, select each referral field to include on the log.

6. Select a Letterhead Template to print the log on a specific school or district letterhead.

7. To save the settings as the default for this letterhead, click Save Settings as Default.

When this letterhead template is selected in the future, these settings will be automatically selected.

8. Click Search.

The students returned in the search are listed.

8. Select the checkbox next to each applicable student, or click Select All at the top of the screen to select all students in the list.

9. Click Get Referrals.

The PDF preview is generated with each student's log starting on a separate page. This can be saved to your computer or printed.

8. Click Return To Focus to go back to the Referral Log screen.

9. To remove any of the options selected, click the X next to the option.

10. Click Search Again to go back to the Referral Log search screen.