Add / Drop Report

The Add / Drop Report is used to track students enrolled and students withdrawn during a set timeframe.

Utilizing the Add / Drop Report

1. In the Students menu, click Add / Drop Report.

2. From the Add / Drop Report screen, set a time frame by clicking the month, day, and year pull-downs. You can also click the calendar icon to select a date.

Add / Drop Report

3. If you have access to multiple schools, you can select the All Schools check box to pull data from all accessable schools.

Add / Drop Report

4. Click Go.

The Add / Drop Report displays the Student name, Student ID, School, Grade Level, Enrolled date and/or Dropped date, and the Reason for the add or drop, such as (E02) Transferring from a public school out of district but in the state.

Add / Drop Report

5. For detailed information about a specific student, click the name in the Student column.

a. Clicking the student's name opens Student Info; for information pertaining specifically to the student's enrollment, click the Enrollment tab.

Student Info

For more information about Enrollment, see Student Info: Enrollment.

Additional Features

To export data to an Excel spreadsheet, click the floppy disk icon.

Click the Filter button to add Filter Rules to the Add / Drop Report.

Add / Drop Report

a. Start by adding one rule, such as Grade Level Contains 09, as shown in the image. The first pull-down is the listed columns. The second pull-down is the rule, such as contains, equal, starts with, etc. Then enter the information you'd like to filter by in the text box.

b. Once set, click Run Filter.

c. Notice that you can also click the Add Rule link to add an additional filter.

d. You can clear the filter by clicking Clear Rules.

e. To remove just one rule/filter, click Remove next to each listed filter.

f. Select the applicable filter from the AND/OR pull-down if using more than once filter rule.

If looking for specific information housed within the resulting student information, type the information in the Search text box provided and press Enter.

Add / Drop Report

To make the list full screen, click on the expansion icon (four arrows). Once in full screen mode, click the icon again to exit full screen.

Click any of the headers to sort data. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results.

Add / Drop Report