Attendance Calendar (Students)

The Attendance Calendar allows users to review attendance data in a calendar format based on a selected timeframe. Upon being generated, users can click on specific dates in order to review attendance by period and make edits, as needed.

This screen requires the Attendance Calendar permission via Users > Profiles > Attendance tab: If View and Edit are enabled, the profile can view attendance data and edit attendance codes for scheduled periods. When View is enabled, users can also access the Attendance Calendar from both the Attendance Chart and the Absence Summary screens. If the profile has View only permission, users cannot edit attendance codes.

Student Search

1. From the Attendance menu, click Attendance Calendar.

Attendance Calendar

2. If searching for specific students by name or student number, type the information directly into the Student Search text box.

Attendance Calendar

To generate report cards for all students, leave the Student Search text box empty.

3. For a more advanced search and the ability to define a specific subset of students, click More Search Options. In the example shown, Gradelevel 11 has been selected; therefore, report cards will be generated only for students in 11th grade.

Attendance Chart

Apply as many search options, as needed.

See Searching for Students for details about conducting and saving student searches.

4. To run the parameters against a Student Group, select the applicable group from the corresponding pull-down.

5. Select the Search All Schools check box to include students from all schools in your search.

6. Select the Include Inactive check box to include students who do not have an active enrollment record at the selected school or all schools (if Search All Schools is selected).

7. Select the Previous Years check box to include previous year of inactive data in your search, when Include Inactive is enabled.

8. Select the Use Most Recent Enrollment check box to use the most recent enrollment records when conducting a search with Include Inactive enabled.

Standard Grades Report Cards

9. Click Search.

Attendance Chart
The Attendance Calendar

1. From the list of resulting students, click the Student to view attendance data in a calendar view.

Attendance Calendar

2. To adjust the attendance calendar to reflect a specific period of time, use the Report Timeframe date text boxes to enter a date range. You can also click on the calendar icons to select the dates. Note: The calendar months and the statistics displayed depend on the dates entered here.

3. Click Update.

Attendance Calendar

At the top of the screen, the number of periods absent displays (Absent: X periods (during X days), along with Other Marks: X periods (during X periods), which would include Tardy, Clinic, etc. The top section displays the Total Full Days Possible, Total Full Days Attended, Total Full Days Absent, and the Enrollment Dates. Note: The figures calculated is dependent on the dates selected in the Report Timeframe.

Attendance Calendar

4. Click the arrow to display a list of all applicable attendance codes and the codes applied to the student.

Attendance Calendar

a. All attendance codes are displayed along with the number of periods applied to the student during the timeframe selected. Click the arrow again to close the attendance code legend.

Attendance Calendar

5. Click +Add Absence to add absence records to the student from the Add Absences screen.

6. While reviewing the attendance Calendar, you have the option to click Summary in order to navigate to Absence Summary. You also have the option to view the Attendance Chart by clicking Chart.

7. Here you can review the attendance codes for each day. While the color can help you decipher the students attendance, you always have the option to hover over each attendance code for more information. Note: The color and code displayed represents the Daily attendance code.

Attendance Calendar

Each district sets up attendance codes via Attendance > Attendance Setup. The district enters each attendance codes Title, Short Name, Sort Order, Type, Color, etc. Therefore, the colors shown in the above examples may differ from district to district.

Depending on your profile permissions, you may or may not have the ability to edit attendance from this screen. If you have Viewing and Editing permissions, then you will also be able to edit students attendance. This permissions is set via Users > Profiles > Attendance tab > Attendance Calendar.

8. Click on a date to view and edit attendance codes. When clicked, you can review attendance recorded for each period in the student's schedule.

Attendance Calendar

Click the arrows icon to sort the periods by attendance taken or by attendance not taken.

Attendance Calendar

9. Click the pencil icon to edit the attendance code for the selected period. Note: The attendance code displays above the period.

Attendance Calendar

10. Select the applicable attendance code from the pull-down.

11a. Click the pencil icon and edit the attendance codes for as many periods as needed for the selected date. When finished, in order to save the selections, click Done.

Attendance Calendar

11b. To close the attendance pop-up window without saving data or making changes, click the x.

Attendance Calendar