AP Test Parser

The AP Test Parser screen has been removed and replaced by the Imports screen.

The AP Test Parser reformats an original AP test file extract so its compatible with the Import Tools in Focus. The AP test files need to be parsed with this feature before they can be processed with the Match Student ID tool, imported, and mapped to student records with the Test History tool.

AP Test Parser

This test parser is specifically for AP Tests only. Other test files may be uploaded to the Match Student ID tool via Setup > Import Tools > Match Student ID.

1. From the Setup menu, click AP Test Parser.

2. From the AP Test Parser screen, click Choose File to upload the test from your computer.

3. Once the file is uploaded, click Run Parser.

Running the parser creates a new file, which is reformatted and prepared to be imported into Focus and stored on the server. Once an AP Test file extract has been parsed, a reformatted AP Test file is uploaded to the server and available via the Match Student ID tool (Setup > Import Tools > Match Student ID).