Magnet/Special Assignment

The Magnet/Special Assignment screen is used to view a student's current and previous choice, magnet, or special placement application information. As on the School Choice Reports screen, the student's application status and other application information can be modified. This report should be viewed in the current school year before and/or after the lottery has been run.

Viewing and Modifying a Student's Application Information

1. In the Students menu, click Magnet/Special Assignment.

2. On the Search Screen, enter search criteria to locate the student and click Search.

3. In the search results, click the applicable student.

4. At the top of the screen, click Choice to view the student's choice application information, Magnet to view the student's magnet application information, or SPA to view the student's special placement application information.

The student's current and any previous applications are listed.

School Year Displays the school year the application was submitted for.
Choice Displays the rank the applicant gave the program. 
Applying Program Displays the application school and program title.
Status Displays the application status (Lottery Accepted, Pending Acceptance, Cancelled, Lottery No Space, or Waiting). 
Applying Gradelevel Displays the grade level the student will enter in the program. 
Status Date Displays the date the status was last updated. 
End Date If applicable, enter the student’s end date in the program. 
Reason If applicable, select a reason.
Deadline Met Indicates if the application met the application deadline. 
Priority Displays the student’s priority ranking. 
Priority Overwrite To overwrite the student’s priority ranking, enter the value. 
Wait Seq If the student was waitlisted, this displays the student’s waitlist sequence designation. 
Last Modified By Displays the user who last modified the application.
Last Modified Date Displays the date the application was last modified. 

5. Edit any of the information as needed.

The field will turn yellow to indicate a change has been made.

6. Click Save.

Values on the report can be mass updated by clicking the Mass Update button, selecting the Column and Value to update, clicking Update, and then clicking Save.