Delete a Student

The Delete a Student module allows administrative users to delete specific students or merge two students together, which is useful if two student IDs have been created for the same student.

Merging Students Together

1. From the Students menu, click Delete a Student.

2. Click the Merge 2 Students tab.

3. Enter the Student ID linked to the student record that you want to keep in the Student ID to Keep text box.

4. Next, enter the Student ID number linked to the record that should be merged and deleted in the Student ID to Delete text box.

5. Once both student IDs have been entered, click Continue.

6. All records linked to the two student IDs entered are listed for selection. In this case, there are 72 types of data to merge. Review each Data Type for the two selected student IDs. Select the corresponding check boxes to merge the listed data.

Student Referrals are school year specific. The number of student referrals that display on this screen are specific to the school year the user has selected at the top-right of the screen. If the students being merged have historical referral entries, this may not be reflected in the total and should be considered for merge.

7. Be sure the Delete Student [Student ID] after merging check box is selected before continuing to merge the students.

8. To continue and merge the two student records, click the Merge button.

When the merge is complete, a verification message displays: [Student ID] has been merged into [Student ID].

9. To open the student's record via Student Info, click the View the Student link.

Deleting a Student

1. From the Students menu, click Delete a Student.

2. Click the Delete a Student tab.

3. Enter the Student ID of the student you would like to delete in the provided text box.

4. Once the student ID has been entered, click the Delete button.

Notice that you cannot delete a student that has attendance data and/or grades.

A confirmation window displays: Are you sure you want to permanently delete that student: [Student Name]?

5. To proceed and make the deletion complete, click Permanently Delete.

To Cancel and return to the main Delete a Student screen, click the corresponding button.

When the student has been deleted, a verification message displays: That student has been deleted.

Additional Features

If looking for specific information housed within the resulting data, type the information in the Search text box provided and press Enter.

To make the information full screen, click on the expansion icon (four arrows) next to the Search text box. Once in full screen mode, click the icon again to exit full screen.

You can also sort data by clicking on any of the headers. Click once for ascending results; click twice for descending results.

Above the listed data you will see a floppy disk icon, which allows you to export the listed data to an Excel spreadsheet.