Manage Discounts

The Manage Discounts screen allows users to create a Discount Code with a specific percentage, description, start date, and end date to determine when the coupon can be applied at check out using Purchase & Pay.

The Manage Discounts screen is enabled when the setting Enable Discounts in Purchase & Pay is enabled via Setup > System Preferences > School Preferences/Default School Preferences > Billing tab.

Your ability to view and create/edit discounts on the Manage Discounts screen is determined by your Manage Discounts permissions set via Users > Profiles > Billing tab. If you have View only permission, you can view created discounts but cannot edit information.

Creating Discounts

1. From the Billing menu, click Manage Discounts.

Manage Discounts

2. To create a new discount, use the top blank row, and start by entering the discount Code in the provided text box. The Code created here is what customers will enter in the Apply Coupon text box in Purchase & Pay upon check out.


3. Enter the percentage the discount is worth in the Percent text box; i.e. the percentage that will be taken off of the total amount when the discount is applied.

4. Select the Facilities from the pull-down for which the discount can be used/applied.

5. Enter the Description of the discount in the provided text box. This is an internal description that will not be seen anywhere else in the system.

6. Enter the Start Date and End Date in the provided text boxes to determine when the discount is active and can be applied. Once the End Date has passed, the discount becomes inactive and no longer displays here unless you click Toggle Inactive.

All fields are required to save the discount.

Manage Discounts

7. Press the Enter key to save the discount.

Manage Discounts
Editing Discounts

1. From the Billing menu, click Manage Discounts.

Manage Discounts

2. All active discounts display. To display inactive discounts as well, click Toggle Inactive.

Manage Discounts

Toggle Inactive displays discounts that have a past End Date and are no longer available for use.

Manage Discounts

3. Edit the necessary fields by clicking the field and making changes.

Manage Discounts

Changes save automatically.

Manage Discounts
Deleting Discounts

The option to delete discounts is available if the current date is prior to the start date. Once the date has passed, the code could have been used and will not be able to be deleted to ensure a record is retained.

1. From the Billing menu, click Manage Discounts.

Manage Discounts

All active discounts display.

Manage Discounts

3. Click the delete button (red minus sign) to delete the discount.

Manage Discounts

4. Click OK in the confirmation pop-up window to delete the discount. says
Applying Discounts

1. Share the discount Code with the applicable customers. For example, 1st time customers get a 10% discount: Discount10.

2. In Purchase & Pay, the customer enters the discount code in the Apply Coupon text box at check out.

Purchase & Pay

The discount is applied as long as the following criteria is met:

  • The student is actively enrolled in one of the schools selected from the Facilities pull-down on the Manage Discounts screen.
  • The student purchases a class for a school that has a discount but they are not currently enrolled at (Focus creates an enrollment for them during this process).
  • The current date is between the Start Date and End Date of the discount.
  • The student must enter the code exactly as written, case sensitive.

If the coupon is unable to be applied, an error message displays "That coupon is not valid."

3. Once the coupon is applied, the Discount total displays as well as the new Total to be collected.

Purchase & Pay

4. If the Discount Does Not Apply check box is selected on the following screens, the applicable fee will not be included in the discounted items upon checkout:

SIS > Billing > Manage Fee Templates

SIS > Billing > Manage District Fee Templates

SIS > Billing > Manage Individual Fees

SIS > Billing > Manage Limited Fees

SIS > Billing > Product List

ERP > Accounts Receivable > Product List

ERP > Accounts Receivable > Internal Account Product List

Product List