School Info

The School Info screen displays all the general information about the school, including the school address, phone number, school level, web address, etc. The category and fields that are displayed on this screen are set up in Setup > School Fields.

Viewing School Info

1. In the Setup menu, click School Info.


The school information for the school selected at the top-right of the screen is displayed. Along the left side of the screen, each of the school categories are listed. These are set up and customized in Setup > School Fields > Categories tab. Some of the categories may have an icon. These icons are also set up by the district in Setup > School Fields > Categories tab. If a category does not have an icon, a default icon will be displayed, using the initials of the category's name.

School Info

2. Click a category to view the corresponding fields.

3. To easily locate a category in the list, begin typing the category name in the Filter fields...text box. You can also enter a field name to locate the category that contains that field. The applicable categories will display in the list for selection. To return to the full list of categories, delete the text in the Filter fields...text box.

School Info

4. Click the Primary Info category to view the school's Title, Facility, Min Syear, Max Syear, and Sort Order.

The Sort Order field can be used to change the order in which schools display in various Schools pull-downs throughout Focus. If a school has a Sort Order defined, the school will appear near the top of the list, in numerical order. If a school does not have a Sort Order defined, it will appear in the list after the sorted schools, in alphabetical order.

School Info

5. To print the school information, click the blue Print button at the top-right corner of the screen.

School Info
Editing School Info

1. Navigate to the category and field and make the desired changes.

The field will turn blue after edits are made. The Save button will also turn red to remind you to save after you Tab or click out of the field.

2. Click Save.

School Info

3. Errors are listed along the right side of the screen. Hover your mouse over an error to view its description in a tool-tip.

School Info

4. Click the error to be taken directly to the field.

If the error is located in a different category, Focus will open the category where the field with the error resides. Fields with errors are highlighted in red.

Required fields are marked with a red asterisk. If a required field has not been filled out, it will be included in the Errors list.

School Info

5. Fields with a question mark icon have a description. Hover the mouse over the icon to view the description.

6. Fields with a link icon have a link to a website. Click the icon to open the website in a new tab or window.

School Information

Field descriptions and links are set up in Setup > School Fields.