The Rooms screen is used to set up the rooms in the school in order to validate the room number on the schedule (short name) and then pull the title (FISH number) for state reporting.

The maximum number of rooms that can be set up for a school is 2000.

Adding a Room

1. In the Setup menu, click Rooms.

2. In the blank row at the bottom of the screen, complete the fields:

Field Description
Enter the FISH number for state reporting.
Display Room If the system preference “Default section display room to resource display room” is enabled in Setup > System Preferences > Scheduling tab, the Display Room column is available.

When a Display Room is defined, it is populated in the Resource Display Room field on the sections screen in Courses & Sections.

The Resource Display Room displays as the room for the section throughout Focus, including on the Teacher Schedules Report, Student Schedule, Print Student Schedules, etc. 

The Display Room Option field on the section in Courses & Sections can be used to override the Resource Display Room.
Short Name
Enter the short name for the room. This is the room number that will display for the section unless a Display Room is defined here on the Rooms screen or in the Display Room Option field on the section.
Resource is a Room
Select this check box to indicate the resource is a room. This must be selected for rooms.
Max Seats in the Room
Enter the maximum number of seats in the room.
The Rooms category will automatically display.
Room Description
Enter a room description, if needed.
Square Footage
Enter the square footage of the room.
Min Year, Max Year
To restrict the use of the room to specific school years, select the minimum and maximum school years. Only active rooms can be selected on sections in Courses & Sections and the Master Schedule Report.

3. Click Save.

Editing a Room

1. In the Setup menu, click Rooms.

2. Edit the room fields as needed and click Save.

Deleting a Room

If a room is no longer in use, define the Max Year for the room instead of deleting the room.

1. In the Setup menu, click Rooms.

2. Click the minus sign next to the room to delete.

3. In the confirmation message, click Delete.